Jen Boronico | Guitar

jen-headshot Jen is one of the leading female guitarists in FL performing in bands since she was 16 years old. She is mostly noted for her high energy and passion which flows from her veins as she performs. She is truly a unique showman… fans are always shocked to see a female attack a guitar with such intensity.

Jen also is the founder and President of The Boca Tanning Club, is a broadcast journalist/commentator for MMA (UFC) and Boxing and has been seen commentating in 65 million plus homes on Sunsports show Fightzone. This golden gloves boxer and 3x 1st place NAGA (Ground Fighting) champion trains with the legendary American Top Team.

“Trip 6″ | Singer

trip6-headshot Trip 6 developed his unique style as a result of a lifetime of musical influences. At the age of three, growing up in a talented musical family, Trip 6 toured throughout the US and Puerto Rico as a backup singer for Latin and Salsa bands. Formerly he performed lead vocals for Pepper Pot, aka Halo, and alternative rock band.

Honing his unique melodic sound and songwriting skills, he is now touring with his original group “Gears”, and is performing all over North America.

Kelly D | Singer

Kelly D is our lead vocalist who has been performing around South Florida since she was 14. Performing as a soloist and also as a lead singer for several bands (including: That Band) and working clubs from “Cheers” to “Whiskey Tango”, she developed an amazing diversity of vocal styling, with a witty personality to match. Her uncanny ability to improvise on stage makes her so unique and the ultimate crowd pleaser.

This singer/songwriter also has original material all over the globe as an EDM artist working with some of the biggest producers and record labels around the world.

Elisa Seda | Drummer

elisa-headshot“E” is already a musical veteran in the game even though she’s too young to look it. She’s provided the grooves for NJ based MTV artist Just Kait and the Indie/Rock group The Scarlet Ending. She also provided the pocket for multiplatinum recording artist DMC’s (formerly known as Run-DMC) debut solo album. She’s the former drummer of “MTV’s Battle for Ozzfest” contestants, “Sicks Deep” as well as the ONLY female endorsed by Infinity DrumWorks. She’s been featured numerous times in both “Modern Drummer” and “Drum! Magazine”.

Elisa is currently working on her new project “nEon Drummer” which you can find on

Shawn Saul | Bass Player

Shawn Saul is a virtuoso bassist who is a UM Music School Alumni. At the age of only 24, he has already proven himself to be a well sought after bass player. He performs on a 6-string (and sometimes 5-string) custom bass and often plays more as a melodic treble instrument than a bass, frequently utilizing its upper register and blending it with the obligatory low end to create sharp, melodic lines.

Shawn is featured in the October 2014 edition of “Bass Musicians Magazine” and plays with some of the best musicians the South Florida scene has to offer. His diverse style and complete ability to play anything allows Pandia to go to a whole new dimension which you have to hear it for yourself.